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Monday, October 9th

8:00-8:05am Facilitator Opening Introductions James Greenberger NAATBatt
8:05-8:20am Welcome and DOE Perspective

DOE/OE Program Overview

Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy/Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
8:20-8:30am DOE/OE/SNL Program Overview Babu Chalamala Sandia National Laboratories
8:30-8:40am DOE/OE/PNNL Program Overview Vince Sprenkle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
8:40-8:50am DOE/OE/ORNL Program Overview Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
9:00-9:30am AM Break
Applied Materials I
9:30-9:45am Na-metal Halide battery Guosheng Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
9:45-10:00am Aqueous Soluble Organic Flow Batteries Wei Wang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:00-10:15am Na-ion Battery Xiaolin Li Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:15-10:30 Low Cost Membranes for High Energy Density Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries Jagjit Nanda Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:30-10:45am Advanced Zinc-Manganese Oxide Batteries Tim Lambert Sandia National Laboratories
Posters Briefs
10:45-10:50am Mechanistic Characterization of advanced electrolytes Vijay Murugesan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:50-10:55am Pre-Lithiation of Hard Carbon for Na-ion Biwei Xiao Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:55-11:00am Investigation and Optimization of Sodium Metal Halide Batteries at Intermediate Temperature Hee-Jung Chang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
11:00-12:30pm Lunch, On Your Own
Equitable Regulatory Environment/Strategic Outreach
12:30-12:45pm Overview of SNL Analysis and Controls Efforts Ray Byrne Sandia National Laboratories
12:45-1:00pm MISO Analysis Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
1:00-1:15pm Storage Evaluation Tools David Copp Sandia National Laboratories
1:15-1:30pm WA CEF Valuation Efforts Patrick Balducci Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1:30-1:45pm Strategic Outreach Overview Jacquelynne Hernandez Sandia National Laboratories
2:00-2:30pm PM Break
Equitable Regulatory Environment/Strategic Outreach
Posters Briefs
2:30-2:32pm BPA Damping Control Project David Schoenwald Sandia National Laboratories
2:32-2:34pm HECO Energy Storage Analysis Jim Ellison, Lee Rashkin Sandia National Laboratories
2:34-2:36pm Sterling Municipal Light Department Analysis Ray Byrne Sandia National Laboratories
2:36-2:38pm Behind the Meter Storage Valuation Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
2:38-2:40pm German Market Analysis Christoph Lackner, Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
2:40-2:42pm Nonlinear SOC Model Optimization Tu Nguyen Sandia National Laboratories
2:42-2:44pm Distributed Control of Storage David Copp, Felipe Wilches Bernal Sandia National Laboratories
2:44-2:46pm Los Alamos GMLC Analysis Lee Rashkin, Jim Ellison Sandia National Laboratories
2:46-2:48pm Developing the Next Phase of the Global Energy Storage Database

Vetting Process of the Global Energy Storage Database

Thu Ngo

Matt Tafoya

Sandia National Laboratories


2:48-2:50pm The DOE/ESS Website & Social Media Cris Romero Sandia National Laboratories
2:50-2:52pm Workforce Development for the Future Grid Steve Gomez

Morgan Henrie

Santa Fe Community College

MH Consulting, Inc.

Applied Materials II
2:55-3:10pm Ionic Liquid Flow Battery Materials Travis Anderson, Leo Small Sandia National Laboratories
3:10-3:25pm Advanced Membranes for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB) Cy Fujimoto Sandia National Laboratories
3:25-3:40pm Redox Flow Battery Development Michael Aziz Harvard University
3:40-3:55pm Component Research for Redox Flow Batteries and ‘Open’ Batteries Thomas Zawodzinski University of Tennessee- Knoxville
3:55-4:10pm Materials Chemistry to Advance Na-Batteries Erik Spoerke Sandia National Laboratories
Posters Briefs
4:10-4:13pm Stability Investigations on Binary Additive V/V Electrolyte Zimin Nie Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4:13-4:16pm Degradation in MV-TEMPO ASO Flow Battery System Xiaoliang Wei Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4:16-4:19pm An Aqueous Flow Battery Utilizing a Phenazine-Based Anolyte Aaron Hollas Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
5:00-7:00pm Meet & Greet Reception

Tuesday, October 10th

8:00-8:10am Welcoming Remarks
Validated Safety & Reliability
8:10-8:25am R&D to Understand Lithium-ion Battery Failures and Mitigate Consequences of Failure Summer Ferreira Sandia National Laboratories
8:25-8:40am Battery Abuse Testing Development Josh Lamb Sandia National Laboratories
8:40-8:55am Modeling Thermochemical Runaway and Its Inhibition in Lithium-Ion Battery Systems John Hewson Sandia National Laboratories
8:55-9:10am Assessment of Battery Reliability Data and Research Needs David Reed Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
9:10-9:25am Update on Energy Storage System Safety Roadmap Codes and Standards Activities David Conover Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
9:25-9:55am AM Break
Validated Safety & Reliability
Posters Briefs
9:55-9:57am Computing Modeling to Understand and Prevent Initial and Cascading Thermal Runaway Randy Shurtz Sandia National Laboratories
9:57-9:59am Determining the Internal Pressure in 18650 Format Lithium Batteries Under Thermal Abuse Frank Austin Mier New Mexico Tech
9:59-10:01am Comparison of Propagation Mitigation Techniques and Strategies Loraine Torres-Castro Sandia National Laboratories
10:01-10:03am Impact of Frequency Regulation on degradation of commercial li-ion batteries Daiwon Choi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:03-10:05am Reliability study of vanadium redox flow batteries by superior stable DHE Qian Huang Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:05-10:07am Compliance Guide for Energy Storage Safety Pam Cole Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
10:07-10:08am Thermal Stability of Lithium-ion Batteries as a Function of Chemistry and State of Change Heather Barkholtz Sandia National Laboratories
10:08-10:09am Estimating Lithium-ion Battery Fire Behavior from ARC Data Using CFAST Fire Model Heather Barkholtz Sandia National Laboratories
10:09-10:10am Comparative Electrochemical Performance of Commercial 18650-Format Lithium-ion Cells Heather Barkholtz Sandia National Laboratories
Power Electronics
10:10-10:25am 3300 V SiC MOSFETs for Energy Storage Power Electronics Ranbir Singh GeneSic
10:25-10:40am Obstacles to high temperature DC-link capacitor reliability Harlan Brown-Shaklee Sandia National Laboratories
10:40-10:55 Advanced Magnetics for High Frequency Link Converters Todd Monson Sandia National Laboratories
Posters Briefs
10:55-10:57am Gate Oxide Sentaurus Model for Wide-bandgap Devices Adam Morgan North Carolina State University
10:57-10:59am Reliable High-Performance Gate Oxides for Wide Band Gap Devices Peter Dickens Sandia National Laboratories
10:59-11:01am High Temperature Optocouplers for High Density Power Modules Zhong Chen University of Arkansas
11:01-11:03am Distributed power processing for Li-ion batteries Satish Ranade New Mexico State University
11:03-11:05am Optimal Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems David Rosewater Sandia National Laboratories
11:05-12:30pm Lunch, On Your Own
Demonstrations and Analysis/ Special Use-Applications
12:30-12:40pm Overview of the Energy Storage Project Sub-Program Dan Borneo Sandia National Laboratories
12:40-12:55pm Sandia Collaboration Project with UET Russ Weed UniEnergy Technologies
12:55-1:10pm Clean Energy States Alliance Update Todd Olinsky-Paul Clean Energy States Alliance
1:10-1:25pm Sterling Municipal ES Project Matt Stelmach Sterling Municipal Light Department
1:25-1:40pm State Regulatory Efforts Rebecca O’Neil Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
1:40-1:55pm Collaborative Demo for Secondary Use and Use Case Validation Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Posters Briefs
1:55-1:57pm Energy Storage Data Submission Guidelines Cole Benson Sandia National Laboratories
1:57-1:59m Energy Storage Demonstration Project with Electric Power Board Michael Starke Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1:59-2:01pm Update on the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority ESS Projects Laurence Sombardier Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
2:01-2:03pm Value of High Power, Short Duration Energy Storage Matthew Lazarewicz Helix Power
2:03-2:05pm PGE Storage Analysis Patrick Balducci Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:05-2:07pm Sandia’s Energy Storage Project Status Benjamin Schenkman Sandia National Laboratories
2:07-2:09pm Test Results from CEF Vish Vishwanathan Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:09-2:11pm Non-linear Battery Model into BSET Di Wu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
2:11-2:20pm Closing Remarks Michael Pesin US Department of Energy/Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
2:20-2:35 Closing Remarks Imre Gyuk US Department of Energy/Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
2:25-4:15pm Poster Session
6:00pm Networking Dinner Cruise